When you’ve eaten without restricting, when you’ve got out of bed and showered and that shower has finally stopped stinging. It’s in the moments that nobody sees, that your biggest battles are won.

For years TV and film have romanticized mental illness and the idea that someone will come along and ‘save’ you. Social media now carries that torch. While many pro-ana accounts have been banned, there are still plenty of ways to access potentially triggering images. Tik Tok creators dance to songs about eating disorders whilst smiling, without seeing why this could be harmful. Many post their journey’s with self harm and mental illness, which in itself is to be praised but not when graphic images are shown without a trigger warning. You are not responsible for someone else’s triggers but we should all try to be the person we needed around when we were sick.

I’m not an expert in psychology or mental illness, I have no degree or license. I can only offer information and help based upon my own life experiences and research. I want this account to be a safe space, for everyone and anyone who needs it.

I have grown so much as a person over the past few years and I want to offer help to those who are in the same position I was in back then.